So, I may have been taking the whole “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen” adage too much to heart.  Apparently, July’s not cutting us any breaks (I’m not actually complaining, by the way.)  So, I’ve turned to meals that don’t require I turn on an oven or slave over a saute pan.  What better example than good old gazpacho?

I used to have a favorite gazpacho that I would make every year, once.  It required picky, fine chopping, and the resulting bits of tomato, pepper and cucumber swam in a spicy broth of vegetable juice and Tabasco.  It was good, but there’s not a lot I find more tedious than neatly chopping tomatoes. Read More


So, it’s been awhile.  Sorry.

Last night was the first time I’ve really cooked in over a week, thanks to first being “home alone” while Husband experienced the volcanic interruption, and the Lad and Lass were at my parents’. It was a good chance to get a leg up on spring cleaning (though you’d never notice it) and a girl is due her share of take-out, once in a while.  But I may have overdone it.

Then, it was more meals out during our Vineyard getaway at the end of the week, then we got back and celebrated my birthday – out, again.  Blessedly, that dinner – being a grown-up affair – did  not feature anything swimming in unnatural-looking cheese sauce or containing pressed chicken (more on the dearth of good kids’ food in restaurants another time.)

So, by the time I had to contemplate the market and what to make for dinner, I decided (a) that I was almost tired of eating, and (b) that I couldn’t really plan much past the meal at hand, so I would just get enough to make some soup.

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