It’s been four years since I last published a recipe. But every so often, I get a notification that someone new has visited or followed the blog, or someone asks why I stopped, or I visit it myself to remember a recipe (mostly because I rarely re-make things, and I’m terrible at remembering which of my earmarked recipes I ended up using.) And then I remember that I did enjoy this little project, and I think that maybe I shouldn’t abandon it wholesale.

Today was one of those days because I had extra ricotta cheese, and I thought these pancakes would be a good idea for tomorrow morning. But I can’t leave well enough alone, and since Pinterest has come into its own in the time since I last did this blog thing, I looked for other things to do with the ricotta (specifically, things that would not require morning math or measuring.) My five year old was sitting next to me, saw a picture of blueberry muffins, and asked me to “please make those.” I had everything I needed on hand, but I also had a few tweaks I wanted to make to the recipe as I was reading it, so I was off to the races. The little one helped.

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This blog began as an experiment, a whim by which to while away winter.  I thought only perfunctorily about a name, and – as any of you who follow me on Facebook have noticed – have yet to devise a logo.  Now that I’m six months in, and still enjoying it, and seem to have readers who still enjoy it, it occurs to me that I should start taking it more seriously.

A while back, a friend, who is both a branding professional and a very honest gal with perspective I respect, suggested that “On My Kitchen Window Sill” was a bit of an obscure mouthful.  She generously offered up her time, and that of her colleagues, and came up with a list of twenty other handles that might work.  Several of them, or their variants, were taken already, but these are some that piqued my interest.  I’m not committed to changing my online identity, but I’m curious as to your opinion.

Do any of these speak to you? Do you have ideas of your own? Should I embrace my winter whim and focus on finding a logo and expanding the existing brand?  Let me know!