I am the kind of cook who enjoys the process of creating food as much as, if not more than, eating that food.

My kitchen projects tend to reflect my impulses of the moment – from a yen for the exotic to a desire for the familiar, the craving for the sweet one day and the savory the next.

I like lemon, a lot.  More than chocolate.  But I use chocolate plenty – even in chili.

I’m as likely to dust off an old-fashioned recipe of my grandmother’s as I am to dive into a multi-step recreation of a restaurant meal, depending on my mood and how on top of the rest of my life I am.

I don’t have a lot of patience for fussy presentation, but I am fussy about my ingredients.

I need to feed myself, Husband, The Lad and The Lasses.  I like it best when we all eat the same thing – which is asking a lot of young palates.

I entertain family and friends and sometimes strangers, because I like to – and I often debut recipes in those scenarios.

I rarely find a recipe I make repeatedly, but when I do, I make it too often.

I cannot promise what I will have to offer you here on any given day, but I hope it will mostly be do-able and delicious, and – when it’s not – I’ll try to at least make it interesting.

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  1. beth f. said:

    I so enjoyed your blog page, Beth! I, too, enjoy cooking and do a lot of it. (well, along with restaurant meals!) And there’s nothing better than trying out a new recipe on company! I alos enjoyed your writing style. Have fun with it! B

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